The World of Inflatable Water Slides: A Brief History and Global Phenomenon

i just finished reading an article that spoke of the depression so many people have during and after the holiday seasons.. i would like to share my ideas of it.. several years ago, i was listening to a radio talk show during my lunch break at work, on the radio that was discussing this same subject. The psychologist being interviewed mentioned that the rate of successful suicides increased nearly 35% between thanksgiving and the second week of January, that police involved domestic disputes were higher on christmas day than any other day of the year, and that more divorce case were started in the three weeks after christmas than all other times of the year.. So, since i was doing emotional healing by using poetry and short story writing at the time, i wrote a poem that shared my opinions of why statistics may be as they are….
Its called “A LONELY CHRISTMAS AKA NOBODY NOTICES, NOBODY CARES”… written in December, 1995 by me.. dody be… “” No cookies for baking, or tinsel to hang;
in the weeks before Christmas, the lonliness comes,, so much more than normal;
But, nobody notices, nobody cares…
No tree with decorations, and presents underneath…
No cards in the mail to greet her on the most joyous of holidays.
She watches the families and friends gather together in happiness,
-on tv.
And cries at the movies and songs of the most joyous
of holiday seasons…….
while wandering through stores pretending to buy gifts for the friends
– that don’t exist.
She drives the cold lonely streets that night,
watching people come together in churches and homes
— But nobody notices–nobody cares…
A Christmas day of parades- and tears
as she lays alone on a bed
-alone in a room
alone in a world of holiday cheer
while pain surrounds her, inside and out.
Too overwhelming to bear on another lonely holiday-
Pills will ease an aching heart- leaving nothing more to feel since
-Nobody notices—-nobody cares
Not going to work goes unnoticed by all for days- and weeks until
someone complains of a smell from within a lonely apartment………
-They just don’t understand;
She seemed so well to them…
——nobody noticed, and nobody cared.






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