Savings Stash Review

Stash is an online savings and investing platform that enables you to invest in your future tax-free. It provides several methods for saving and investing your money, such as recurring transfers, roundups, and Smart Portfolios.

Stash offers financial education through Grow Magazine and Stash Learn, its robo-advisor. With customized portfolios tailored to each individual’s risk tolerance and objectives, these platforms provide invaluable assistance.


Investing can be a lucrative way to build your wealth. It provides extra income, helps fund retirement or even bails you out of financial difficulty. But first you must create an investment strategy and determine the most suitable investments based on your objectives and risk tolerance.

Investments carry varying levels of risk, from very secure to medium and high. To reduce these exposures to danger, diversification is recommended – investing your money across several assets.

Investments can take many forms, such as stocks, bonds, real estate and other assets. Some investments are taxable while others offer tax-exemptions.

You can invest in stocks through Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs). These are similar to mutual funds but provide a wider selection of investment options.

Stash also offers a Smart Portfolio robo-advisor, which asks you to complete a questionnaire about your risk tolerance, goals and investment preferences before creating your portfolio of investments. With this data it creates an ideal asset allocation and rebalances it quarterly.

Savings Stash is an online service that allows you to invest in your future tax-free, by stashing small amounts of money daily through an app on your smartphone or connected bank card. You can start investing with as little as R5 each day and choose whether your savings go into either an SA Top 40 Shares portfolio or Cash+ portfolio depending on your needs and investment objectives.

Investment options range from safe options such as term deposits and money market accounts to medium-risk picks like corporate bonds and higher risk options like stock index funds. Selecting the correct investments can help maximize returns, but it’s essential to remember that your returns may be lower than anticipated in case of any unforeseen events.

Before you begin investing, it is essential to be aware of your budget and debt level. By creating an annual budget, managing spending, and limiting debt, you can put money towards saving and investing. Additionally, create an emergency fund which should cover three months worth of expenses.


Stash offers a full-service banking account through Stride Bank, N.A., Member FDIC that supports mobile payments and cash deposits. However, you have to pay a monthly fee for that service, making it less convenient than Acorns’ stripped-down Checking account. If you’re looking to invest a small amount of money, this app could be ideal for you.

Stash’s auto-saving tool allows users to set a target percentage of their spending that will automatically be deposited into savings – from as little as one penny per month up to 20%! Plus, with Stash’s “Build Wealth” program you can save up to $2,000 by enrolling in eight one-hour monthly credit, budget and asset management sessions via video conference.

The app’s education content is tailored to younger and newer investors, providing useful advice on retirement, saving for college, budgeting, investing, building wealth and earning stock rewards. You can access articles related to retirement planning, saving for college, budgeting, investing, building wealth and earning stock rewards that fit your individual needs.

As of August 2018, the average customer saving $1,432 annually through Stash’s auto-saving service. This is equivalent to investing in a traditional investment account at an interest rate of 7% over 30 years – or more than $135,000 in savings!

Beginners on the platform can benefit from its $3-per-month tier, which offers an individual taxable account and the opportunity to invest in a managed portfolio. Furthermore, it gives users access to a Stock-Back card which doubles their stock and ETF earnings at local businesses as well as certain merchants with bonus offers (up to 5%) when shopping locally.

Stash+, the company’s most comprehensive subscription tier, is more expensive than Acorns’ $3 plan but offers custodial accounts for children and life insurance as well as improved research and Stock-Back Card bonuses.

Start investing with as little as $5 and build up funds over time with Stash’s round-ups feature, introduced in 2015. This allows you to invest a few cents when shopping and, with careful use of funds, build an impressive portfolio over time. Recently the company increased the earning potential of their Stock-Back card so consumers get even more for their money.


Savings Stash offers a free and tax-exempt way to invest small amounts of money each day. With an app connected to your bank account, you can stash funds from as little as $5 daily. Plus, with Auto-Stash you can set up automatic transfers into investing accounts on whatever schedule works best for you.

Once signed up, a few questions are asked to help determine your investment goals and risk tolerance. Once selected, money can be added to your account through various methods such as in-person at participating merchants or via mobile banking app.

Stash currently provides three ways to add money to your account: link your bank, Add Funds through the Stash Stock-Back card and Instantly Transfer. Of these options, linking your bank is by far the most convenient as it enables you to transfer up to $300 daily directly from your bank account.

The Stock-Back card is an increasingly popular way to fund your Stash account, as it rewards you with a percentage of qualifying purchases. This percentage can range anywhere from 1 percent depending on the merchant.

Round-ups allow you to save spare change from purchases and invest it in your investing account. Once you accumulate at least $5 worth of coins, Stash will automatically transfer the funds into your investment portfolio.

One of the standout features of Stash is its Smart Portfolio, which utilizes ETFs to construct a diversified portfolio tailored to your personal financial objectives and risk tolerance. This product rebalances on a quarterly basis and adjusts your allocation according to these changes, keeping your portfolio aligned with those objectives.

Stash offers tools to help you grow your savings. This includes a calculator which shows how much money you could have after one, five, or ten years.

The Stash app also monitors your progress with milestones, which are defined as small achievements that can be completed over time. When these milestones are met, the app congratulates you and helps keep you motivated towards reaching your goal.


The IRS requires you to report all interest earned on your savings accounts–regular or high-yield, money market account or certificate of deposit–on your tax return each year. You’ll receive a 1099-INT form from each financial institution with which you have an interest-earning savings account.

Most people pay income taxes on the interest earned from their regular savings account, but there are ways to avoid paying these fees by saving your money in a special type of savings account used for retirement, education or healthcare expenses. While these accounts usually come with restrictions which make them unsuitable for emergency savings needs, they can be an excellent way to build wealth over the long haul by accumulating funds that won’t be taxed when withdrawn or invested.

Savings Stash makes saving money easy with its user-friendly app-based interface. It automatically stashes money from connected bank cards into a portfolio that grows your cash daily.

Two portfolios are available: SA Top 40 Shares and Cash+. Both invest in a combination of stocks, bonds and ETFs and can suit a range of investors from those who prefer investing in companies that have performed well over recent years to those seeking more conservative investments that will increase in value over time.

Portfolios also provide the option of a Smart Advisor investment account that will manage your investments for you based on your goals and risk tolerance. This option is perfect for the hands-off investor who wants to ensure their money grows quickly but lacks the time or patience to research complex investing strategies.

Savings Stash investing carries risks, just like other investment options. To effectively use Savings Stash, it’s essential to have a deep understanding of the markets and be able to recognize the best investment opportunities tailored towards your specific needs.






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