Cookie Boxes For Gift Giving

There are several options available when it comes to cookie boxes for gift giving. You can get cookie boxes for Christmas, Holidays, Seasonal, or Macaron cookies. If you’re looking for cookie boxes that will be convenient to open and close, you can look into these options. To find the perfect gift box, consider the following tips. If you’re buying a gift box for a family member or friend, consider the cookie boxes’ opening mechanism.


When it comes to Christmas cookie giving, there are many different ways to go about it. Homemade cookie boxes are an easy way to give the gift of delicious treats to your loved ones. Depending on the recipient’s preferences, you can fill them with everything from candy to classic Holiday cookies. You can even add a little something extra to make your gift even more special. This gift idea is perfect for people who don’t make your list but still love homemade cookies.

Cookies that will ship well should be sturdy and not too delicate. You can opt for sugar, spritz, peanut butter, crinkle, snickerdoodles, or shortbread cookies. Choose cookies that don’t need refrigeration. You can also choose to make Christmas themed cupcakes, like chocolate chip or pointsettia cupcakes. You can also use a cake or brownie mix to create a cute Christmas tree cupcake or cookie.

If you don’t have enough time to bake all of your cookies, don’t worry! Most cookies freeze well. Start baking early and freeze them, then assemble the gift boxes when you have time. You can even use the frozen cookies as gift boxes! These are great for gift giving and can be re-gifted for years to come! There are also several ways to prepare the cookies ahead of time. If you have a lot of time, make batches and freeze them before assembling them into boxes.


When it comes to gift giving, cookie boxes make excellent gifts. While they look delicious, cookie boxes are also a great way to help your community and give back. Many of these cookie baskets benefit minority artisans and help women overcome poverty. While most of the cookies will be made from scratch, you can also find boxes for other types of cookies. For example, you can purchase small containers that can hold four or six cookies. Once they are baked, you can easily assemble them in gift boxes.

The next time you’re buying holiday gift cards, consider purchasing a box of holiday cookies. Cookie boxes can be very elegant and are an inexpensive way to gift cookies. You can purchase inexpensive clear tubes from a local store for less than $1 each. These boxes are more durable and can stand up to more use than cellophane wrapping. For an additional cost, you can print and attach custom clip art to secure the tubes.

After completing your list, choose a holiday-themed box for the cookies. Choose one with a lid or a shallow design. Keepsake cookie tins or festive-decorated cardboard boxes will also do the trick. You can also use mini cupcake liners to layer smaller cookies. You can also use burlap twine to tie the stacks together. Cardstock can also be used as dividers to separate the cookies.


There are many options when choosing seasonal cookie boxes for gift giving. You can use decorative tins, cookie bags, or bakery style boxes. If you want to personalize your gift, you can even tie on ornaments to them. For instance, you could tie on crushed peppermint candies or Trader Joe Christmas gummies to your gift boxes. Another option is to purchase a sturdy box to pack your cookies in.

The best way to package cookies is to use a large, flat cardboard box that has two inches of room on all sides. Make sure to use tissue paper and bubble wrap as additional layers of protection. Seal the box with packaging tape and write ‘FRAGILE’ on the box. This way, recipients can easily identify your gift as something special. Once you’ve created your cookie boxes, you can replicate them in other packaging.

Another option is to use festive jars. Mason jars look especially festive when decorated like snowmen and feature a snowflake design. These jars hold 16 fluid ounces of cookies and can be reused for another use after the cookie-eating session is over. You can also buy Ziploc storage containers. They’re festive and help keep cookies fresh for a long time. There are two sizes available, 72 ounces and 84 ounces.

Macaron cookies

If you’re looking for a great cookie box to present macarons in, consider buying a macaron baking set. Macarons are an elegant treat that are often presented as wedding or shower gifts. You can purchase a set of prepackaged boxes or mix and match bulk packs. There are also die-cut heart-shaped boxes that feature a large window. These boxes can hold more than just macarons.

Before you start baking, make sure you have enough cookie sheet space to store your macarons. Macs may not peel cleanly from the parchment paper, so you’ll need to place them in the freezer for about five to ten minutes to firm up. Once cooled, you should store them in an airtight container. For the filling, try a peppermint buttercream. It’s soft and lightly peppermint-flavored, and the holiday macaron filling is the perfect touch! Add a bit of red gel food colouring to your paint bag to make it look festive.

For gift giving, there are two options. You can purchase Macaron cookies at specialty stores or online. One option is to pick a box with a lid that fits tightly. Another option is to use packing peanuts. These are also great because they don’t stick to the plastic wrap and don’t slide or fall out of the box. When selecting a box, make sure to check out the recipe and see what you’ll need.

Sugar cookies

If you’re looking to make a batch of cookies for holiday gift giving, consider making several batches and freezing them. You can thaw them later and assemble them into cookie boxes. Once they’re thawed, add some sprinkles and icing and you have an edible gift! Alternatively, you can purchase pre-made gift boxes and put the cookies inside at the last minute.

Before packing your cookies, make sure they’re completely cooled. Start by packing the largest cookies first, then fill in any gaps with other treats. Wrap the boxes with a gift tag or ribbon to make them extra special. You can include a personal note with the gift card, if desired. However, this is entirely optional, so don’t overdo it. Just make sure to plan ahead so you don’t run out of time!

You can also include a personal message or decoration on the box. Then, if you want to get really fancy, you can use ornaments to tie on the box. Ornaments make excellent keepsakes, so you can use them as an extra decoration. Another way to personalize the box is by tying on an ornament or cookie cutter! A wooden tray is another great gift option. The possibilities are endless!

Whether you’re making the cookies for a family, a friend or co-worker, you can customize the box to suit your tastes. Choose a cookie recipe that doesn’t contain any of these ingredients or other common allergens. You can even choose a gluten-free option if needed. For holiday gift giving, you can use a cookie tin as the container. These can be placed on the counter whenever the mood strikes.

Double chocolate cookies

A cookie box filled with homemade or store-bought cookies makes a great gift. When selecting cookie recipes, choose those that yield 24 cookies or more. A cookie box containing four cookies of one type can be the perfect size for gift giving. For a larger box, try packing four cookies of a different type. This will give the gift recipient a choice of two dozen assorted cookies. You can add extra treats like crushed peppermint candies or Trader Joe Christmas gummies to the cookie box.

Cookie Love bakes and ships fresh, artisan food gifts Monday through Friday. You can choose overnight shipping or express shipping for your gift. Shipping is also available for a minimal fee. The company was started in 2007 by Paul Seyler, who worked in several high-end restaurants in New York before settling in North Ferrisburgh, Vermont. The company uses local ingredients and emphasizes clean, fresh food.

Before packing your homemade cookies, make sure you choose a cookie box with a tight-fitting lid. Be sure to use a layer of paper towels or a clean dish towel between layers of cookies to avoid any sliding or sideways movement. Once you have chosen the cookie box, wrap it up and tie it with a pretty ribbon or string. Remember to write the baking directions on the outside of the box so your gift recipient knows exactly how to bake the cookies.






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